Product Development Studio
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Taking ideation and realization to a complete development process.


Combining style and function to construct products that capitalize on high grade materials.

3D Prototyping

Visualize designs as photorealistic 3D models in real time through design.

Vertical Integration

Linking ideas to prototypes in a hands on process to ensure quality through craftsmanship.


Blackjack Airbag Pack

Mystery Ranch

SATL Tactical Pack

Mystery Ranch


lb Disc Golf

Y.C. Tote

Brick Bound

High Point Wallet

Brick Bound

Medina Duffel

Brick Bound

Product Development Process

We realize product visions that enhance peoples lives.

  • Idea

    Initial conceptualization

    Through communication we manage design inputs ranging from napkin drawings to previously developed products. Whether it's from scratch, or part of an existing product line, we strive for a product that fits with in the brands identity.

  • Pattern Making

    The framework is initiated

    Our expertise in sewn products allows us to interpret design content accurately and efficiently into a 2 dimensional pattern set. Our understanding of the production process yields logical design principles that translate into clean refined products.

  • 3D Modeling

    Transition to a 3D representation

    Extending from the 2D pattern set, we digitally stitch the patterns into a 3D model applying real world conditions to the fit and look of the product. Critical analysis of the concept may now be introduced at an earlier stage in the development process.

  • Prototyping

    A Product is Born

    There is no substitute for a physical model. Testing the performance of a product on functionality, while ensuring product specs and details are met. The prototype is the example that defines future production possibilities.

  • Finalizing

    Transformation to Production

    As proficient sample makers, from concept to stitching to final, put care to ensure details and construction techniques follow or exceed industry standards. Product sample, digital and hard patterns, bill of materials, coupled with sewing standards and guide lines are all part of a final product.

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